Student  Info of what each Belt rank is required for testing and what is offered in classes.
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The Li’l Dragons are the youngest members of TASK Karate, aged (4 to 6 years old).  At this level students learn the basics of karate, including offense and defense stances, as well as the basics of discipline and respect. Whether you are a learned Li’l Dragon, or simply wish to join our classes, we offer karate training in our young adult (ages 6- 12) and adult (ages 12 and older) classes. In these class levels, the students will begin their advancement through the belt levels, beginning with the white belt. As classes progress, students will learn and master a variety of forms, and graduate into higher belt levels through exhibitions, tournaments, and displays of technique and discipline.  Those who continue to learn and train will eventually become eligible to attain the rank of black belt, representative of the highest level of skill and discipline.   Finally, we also offer tips and techniques on self-defense for those interested in learning more about how to be safe even when alone.  Please contact us about setting up a meeting or demonstration when we can share our methods and suggestions with you.
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